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At Rhythms Yoga Training, we always have lots of irons in the fire. We're especially excited about three of our courses: Yoga Tools for Therapists,

Essential Mental Health Skills for Yoga Therapists, and our course through The Minded Institute--Yoga Therapy for Child and Adolescent Mental Health. 

Our Signature Training for Therapists and Clinics

During this 6-week online program, you'll learn how to incorporate evidence-informed, yoga-based tools into your clinical practice. Make a bigger difference in your clients' lives by helping them find their own rhythm through yoga. It's for all skill levels - you don't need any yoga experience!

Practising Yoga with Mom

THE Course for Yoga Therapists Interested in Mental Health

This course is for yoga therapists! In it, the yoga professional learns the vital clinical tool of case presentation, a formal communication tool used among healthcare providers worldwide. Knowing how to use this mental health tool helps you create effective yoga therapy interventions for your clients and gives you a competitive edge as a yoga professional. 

Hatha Class

This course is provided through The Minded Institute, an international leader in yoga therapy and mind-body training based in the UK. In this collaboration between TMI and RYT, Michelle shares concrete tools of how to safely and effectively integrate yoga therapy into paediatric mental health treatment.

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