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Essential Mental Health Skills for Yogis

As a Yoga Therapist, or even yoga teacher, you know many of your clients deal with mental health issues. How do you help them? Yoga offers them an effective tool to relieve their symptoms, but how can you be certain what you're doing will help? This course gives you tools to make a difference in your clients' lives. Our summer course runs July 18 - 22, 2022. 

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THE Course for Yoga Therapists Interested in Mental Health

In this course, yoga therapists and yoga teachers will learn how to effectively assess and communicate about clients with mental health needs. You'll learn a vital clinical tool in mental health: the case presentation, a formal communication tool used among healthcare providers worldwide. Knowing how to use this tool helps you create effective yoga therapy interventions for your clients and gives you a competitive edge as a yoga professional. Along with an evidence-informed foundation, you will have ample opportunity to practice your new skills in pairs, group role plays and large group presentations. Scope of practice and self-care are also addressed in the curriculum. This empowers you to offer safe, effective and evidence-informed yoga interventions as a stand-alone treatment or integrated into a pre-existing treatment plan. 

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